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How solar energy works Empowering Educational Institutions with Solar Powered Outdoor Amenities

Educators want to believe that their lessons on renewable energy are resonating with their students. They want to inspire them to build on …

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How solar energy works Solar Bench Charging Stations - A Benchmark for Modern, Well Connected Cities

Although solar powered benches have now been around for over five years, they’ve yet to become a common sight in parks and recreation …

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How solar energy works Key Factors in Selecting a Solar Bench

A lot of solar benches can look quite similar on first glance, so before deciding on what bench to purchase, it’s worth spending …

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How solar energy works Sedi Picks up Coveted 2020 Good Design Award for ‘Connect’ Solar Bench

The Australian company, Specialised Solutions, recently picked up one of the coveted Good Design Awards in the Furniture & Lighting category for its …

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How solar energy works Re-engineering Outdoor Spaces at Colleges & Universities in a Post Covid-19 World

There are without doubt many short to medium term implications of the Covid-19 pandemic concerning physical distancing, capacity of public venues and better …

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