'SolarBoom' Solar Sign Lighting

Self-contained, solar powered lighting for storefront signs, illuminated displays, security wall lights, real estate sign lights and high visibility outdoor park bulletin boards, even in remote locations.

With an array of powerful LED lights enclosed in a durable aluminum casing either 12”, 24” or 48” long, customizable light settings and motion sensor brightness control, ‘SolarBoom’ takes commercial quality, sign lighting to new heights.

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Rapid, cost saving installation

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Quick and simple installation

Simply mount back plate to any flat surface with tamper resistant screws, making sure that the position chosen will receive an adequate number of sunlight hours to charge the battery.

No trenching or wiring costs

Trenching for electrical wires can be very expensive. As well as eliminating any trenching, with SolarBoom solar powered signs, there's no need to employ electrical contractors to hook up lights to any nearby mains power supply.

No above-ground cable runs

Real estate sign lights often have long extension cables running to the nearest electrical outlet which may need protection to avoid being a trip hazard. With SolarBoom solar powered signs, there's no need for any untidy runs of power cables with SolarBoom. No need to tap into any third party power supply. Run the lights for as long as you like - zero power cost.

Continuous or fixed period lighting

Both the light output and operating time can be set to suit specific applications or local conditions.

In the standard configuration of SolarBoom solar sign lights, the LED lights are activated at dusk and remain on for a preset time period, either 4, 6 or 8 hours.

An infrared proximity sensor brings the lights to full brightness only when approached, thus cutting down on unnecessary light pollution and conserving battery charge. The light then reverts to the lower brightness level.

A battery management system prevents over discharge of the batteries and a socket for emergency charging from an external power source is included.
Customizable hours of operation

Lights can be set to operate for 4/6/8 hours after turning on automatically at dusk. Choose the light activation duration based on your application or needs.

Adjustable brightness setting

Brightness can be set anywhere between 0% and 100%. Reduced light levels can maintain a high level of security without the need for excessive power consumption.

Infrared proximity sensor

The proximity sensor keeps the brightness of the LEDs at a reduced light level and only increases the level to full brightness on approach within 30'. Then the light reverts to the previous reduced level until the proximity sensor detects the approach of other people.

Battery management system

The intelligent battery management system switches off the light if the battery charge drops to a very low level. The light is re-activated when the battery is re-charged.

DC power input socket

An external DC power source can be connected via a socket on the side of the light to provide emergency charging if required.

Simple, compact design

Unlike most solar lights which rely on a single, small round or square low-cost solar cell, the PV cells in SolarBoom solar sign lights are located along the entire length of the unit.

All SolarBoom models are designed to produce reliable, bright light output that lasts for days, not hours.

The lights are totally self-contained, well sealed from the weather and include mounting screws for any stand-alone installation.
Unobtrusive design

Neat and compact. Just a single bar with inbuilt solar cells. Extends only 4 1/2" outwards from mounting.

Three length options

With lengths of 12", 24" and 48" there's a size to suit most signs. Or simply add install extra SolarBoom solar sign lights in a row for longer signs.

Easily retrofit to existing signs

Equally suited for permanent installations or temporary use such as solar real estate sign lights where lights can be quickly mounted and dismounted as required.

Resistant to birds

Sloping PV panels and curved front discourages bird perching.


LED Output
12" model: 5W 500 lumens
24" model: 10W 1000 lumens
48" model: 20W 2000 lumens
Expected LED life: 50,000 hours
Beam angle: 20°
Light color: 6000K
Proximity sensor : low light 25%, full 100%
Timer activated options: 4 hours then off
6 hours then off
8 hours then off
Casing: Aluminum
Casing color: Dark gray
Dust and water ingress protection: IP65 rated
Solar panels
12” model: 5W
24" model: 10W
48" model: 20W
12” model: 8.8Ah
24" model: 17.6Ah
48" model: 35.2Ah