'Universe' Solar Charging Station

A whimsical and colorful charging station, with an array of 4 USB ports and 2 wireless charging pads, incorporating a handy bench seat. 
Elevated solar panels minimize the risk of damage or vandalism compared with benchtop panels and plexiglass lighting surrounding the central panel illuminates the charging ports in the dark.

Matching planters and round or oval-shaped bench seats can be added for a totally co-ordinated installation.

Call 406-551-7955 for pricing or email archasol@archatrak.com.


The 'Universe' solar charging station is part of the extensive 'Universe' range of street furniture which includes round and curved benches and planters.

These unique benches look great on their own but are most eye catching when combined with other seating units in the Universe range to create larger, integrated seating installations.

The colorful units with their minimalist but intriguing design blend perfectly into modern architectural spaces, creating visually exciting places to meet, relax, recharge and enjoy.

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Multiple USB and Qi charging outlets
Multiple USB and Qi charging outlets

4 x USB A charging outlets plus 2 x Qi charging pads.

Vandal resistant overhead PV panels
Vandal resistant overhead PV panels

Elevated solar panels minimize danger of damage or vandalism.

Illuminated USB port charging panel
Illuminated USB port charging panel

LED lights around the outer edge of the central USB port console are activated automatically when darkness falls.

Battery charge indicator
Battery charge indicator

A row of lights on the central console indicates state of available power.

Part of an integrated range of outdoor furniture
Part of an integrated range of outdoor furniture

The charging station perfectly integrates with other seating in the ‘Universe’ range of street furniture.


WiFi hot spot

WiFi modem can provide free internet access. (requires internet service subscription).

Bike rack

Bicycle rack holding 2 bikes.


Bluetooth speaker and/or a music module with internal memory.

Stainless steel

Brushed stainless steel frame.

E-paper screen attachment

Attaches to stem for black and white, digital signage.

Lithium batteries

40 Ah Lithium batteries


Engraved logo


Size: 50 3/8” Dia. x 105” H
Bench height: 16 5/8"
Weight : 410 lbs softwood, 414 lbs hardwood
Frame: Carbon steel, galvanized and powder coated
Seat : Softwood or hardwood
Solar panels: 118W
Battery: Gel battery, 55Ah, 12V
Battery Level: Indicated by lights in center of USB panel
Charging facility: 4 x USB ports, 2 x Qi wireless pads
Operating Temp.: -4˚F - 140˚F
Ambient lighting: Illuminated plexiglass rim surrounding USB panel
Installation: Attach by bolts to the foundation