Solar bench in Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau Solar Bench

A stylish solar bench in an Art Nouveau style and wood trim to suit locations where a very modern style solar bench might look out of place.


With a steel frame and wood trim surrounding solar panels on the seat, this Art Nouveau style bench brings high-tech convenience to traditional bench seating.

All the features expected of solar charging benches - USB charging outlets, automatic under-bench lighting and Wi-Fi capability (optional) – are incorporated into this elegant bench which blends perfectly with similar style traditional seating in any park setting.

The powder coated frame can be supplied in any RAL color and you have a choice of lacquered softwood or oiled hardwood for the wood trim. Customized logos can also be engraved on the front panel of the bench.

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5 independent solar panels
5 independent solar panels

The five PV panels are connected independently, eliminating charging problems with benches that have only a single solar array, where hard shading of just one full cell will drop the voltage of a solar panel to half in order to protect itself. If enough cells are hard shaded, the PV module will not convert any energy.

Multiple charging outlets
Multiple charging outlets

3 x USB charging outlets are included as standard. Qi charging pad can be added at extra cost.

Ambient under bench lighting
Ambient under bench lighting

LED lights switch on automatically when darkness falls.

Solid Wood Trim
Solid Wood Trim

Softwood or hardwood with exotic hardwood species available


  • Speaker

    The Bluetooth speaker and/or a music module with internal memory. Tracks are triggered by pressing the one of 6 vandal-proof buttons.

  • WiFi Hot spot

    WiFi modem can provide free internet access for users within the Photon seat zone. (requires service subscription)

  • Lithium batteries

    40 Ah Lithium batteries

  • Qi charger

    Wireless charging pad

  • Personalization

    Engraved logo on front panel



Size: 28 1/2" total height, 18 1/2" seat height, 118 1⁄8" wide, 24 9/16" deep
Weight: 350 lbs (softwood), 376 lbs (hardwood)
Frame: Carbon steel
Wood decoration: Lacquered softwood or oiled hardwood
Solar panels: 100 W (STC)
Battery: 4 gel batteries with a total capacity of 36Ah and voltage of 12V
Charging outlets: 2 x USB A 2.0, 1 x USB A 3.0
Lighting: Ambient LED under bench
Operating Temp.: -4°F - 140°F
Installation: Attach by bolts to the foundation