The granddaddy of all solar benches.
A place to meet, gather, recharge, enjoy.

'Sedi Connect' Solar Seating

Not just a phone charging station, but a shelter from the sun and rain, a seat for resting and relaxing, a place to read and work (even at night), a hub for community gatherings, an information point, a highly visible advertising site and an attention-grabbing meet-up spot for friends waiting outside of theaters, airports, restaurants, zoos, museums, stadiums, galleries, city parks, or campus halls - enlivening the landscape with convenient, zero-cost energy contained in a novel form.

With a massive 1.2kW of solar generating power, 220Ah battery capacity and exceptionally bright 2 x 50W strip lighting, 'Sedi Connect' offers the ultimate in highly visible solar seating for high traffic locations where reliable, extended performance is essential, especially for active nighttime locations.


With its exceptionally striking design and large size, Sedi 'Connect' never fails to make an impact when installed in expansive outdoor settings, whether it's a closed off shopping street, a municipal park or garden, an outdoor trade show or the campus of a college or university.

With a huge array of options like extra lights, environment sensors, advertising or information display panels, extra phone charging outlets, WiFi, CCTV cameras etc, Sedi 'Connect' becomes a guaranteed focal point in any location with large social gatherings.

With it's huge storage area under the seat, large solar cells and high capacity batteries, a 12V/120V inverter can easily be added to Sedi 'Connect' to provide 120V power for laptops. Alternatively, simple 12V DC outlets could be added.

Because of its large size, Sedi 'Connect' is supplied in two sections which need to be joined on site with supplied bolts.

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Cosy cocoon structure
Cosy cocoon structure

Fully enclosed steel frame, timber lined structure with inbuilt canopy, provides shade and shelter from both sun and rain.

Comfortable wood seating
Comfortable wood seating

Constructed with sustainably harvested, highly durable Australian hardwood. Optional heated seat panel available.

High output solar panels
High output solar panels

Extra-large solar power capacity - 4 x 320W cells (total 1.2kW). Roof based panels reduce risk of accidental damage or vandalism.

High capacity battery
High capacity battery

Extra high capacity battery storage (220Ah std. plus optional increase to 2 x 220Ah) provides reliable long-term power for LED panels, multiple charging outlets and extended periods of cloudy conditions.

Multiple charging outlets (USB, Qi)
Multiple charging outlets (USB, Qi)

2 x USB charging outlets and 2 x Qi charging pads are included as standard. Additional outlets can be easily added.


WiFi hot spot

WiFi modem can provide free internet access for users within the Sedi seat zone. (requires internet service subscription)

CCTV cameras

Security cameras can be mounted on the sides or ends of the structure.

Extra charging outlets

Additional USB or Qi charging outlets can be added as required.

Heated seating

A heating panel can be added to the underside of the wood seat to provide extra warmth in cold weather.

Display screens

Optional 21” LCD or 32” e-paper screens can be installed at either end of the structure to display promotional or community information.

Tailored solutions

Additional sensors, lighting etc. can be added on request. A customized solution can be supplied for every location or application.

Extra battery capacity

Additional 220Ah batteries can be installed for high usage requirements (subject to PV cell generating capacity)


Size: 113” L x 89” H x 39” W
Weight: Approx. 1000lb
Frame: Mild steel, galvanized, powder coated
Seat and lining: Hardwood timber – Eucalyptus spp.
Solar Panels: 4 x 60 cell, 320W, Total 1.2kW
Battery: 1 x 220 Ah (std. configuration)
Charging outlets: 2 x USB, 2 x Qi wireless
Lighting: 2 x 78” LED strip lights – 50W total
Warranty: 2 years
Assembly: Supplied in 2 sections - requires joining on site
Country of manufacture: Australia