High visibility notice board, advertising display, meeting place,
charging station & illuminated seating - all in a single compact unit.

'Taiyo' Solar Charging Bench

Two large, illuminated display panels and the large slatted composite wood seat define the primary benefits of the 'Taiyo' charging bench. More than just a highly visible medium for displaying community information, event notices or paid advertising, the ‘Taiyo’ bench includes all the expected functionality of solar bench seating - phone charging, WiFi access point and night lighting. 

‘Taiyo’ is a unique solar bench that encourages community interaction, serves as a city information point, acts as a highly visible meeting point or simply provides a handy place to relax while charging your mobile device. 


Display panels can be configured in a variety of ways to suit the application:
Front and back panels, illuminated or non-illuminated
Front panel only, illuminated or non-illuminated
34” ePaper display to deliver live information or advertising
Back panel with printed graphics, logos etc.

Typically only the front panel will be illuminated (depending on the region) to avoid excessive power consumption.

The Taiyo bench is supplied in three sections for assembly on-site with the supplied bolts.

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'Taiyo' Solar Charging Bench - Elevated solar panels
Elevated solar panels

Non-intrusive elevated panels reduce the danger of vandalism and can be positioned to maximize solar power generation. CCTV cameras can be installed for greater sucurity.

'Taiyo' Solar Charging Bench - Composite wood seating
Composite wood seating

Durable composite wood seating - fade resistant, low maintenance.

'Taiyo' Solar Charging Bench - Large display panels for notices & advertising
Large display panels for notices & advertising

2 x large panels offer exceptional opportunities for advertising or community notices. LED lighting provides visibility at night.

'Taiyo' Solar Charging Bench - Multiple charging outlets
Multiple charging outlets

4 x USB and 2 Qi charging pads included as standard.

'Taiyo' Solar Charging Bench - WiFi Hot spot
WiFi Hot spot

WiFi modem can provide free internet access for users within the seating zone. (requires service subscription).

'Taiyo' Solar Charging Bench - Overhead lighting
Overhead lighting

Bright LED overhead lighting controlled by infrared sensor - turns on when bench in use.

'Taiyo' Solar Charging Bench - Ambient under bench lighting
Ambient under bench lighting

LED lights switch on automatically when darkness falls.


  • e-Paper screen

    A 34” e-paper screen can be supplied to provide up to date event information, targeted advertising and much more.

  • CCTV security cameras

    CCTV cameras can be installed on the front and back of the vertical column for additional safety and security.

  • Bicycle rack

    A bicycle rack holding 2 bikes can be fixed to the rear of the bench.


Size: 88”L x 21 1/2”W x 97 ½”H
Weight: 400 lb
Frame: Stainless steel, powder coated
Seat: Composite wood - 16" high
Solar Panels: 90W
Battery: 55 Ah
Charging outlets: 4 x USB, 2 x Qi wireless
Lighting: LED overhead lights + panel lighting
Display panels: 2 x panels - 35 1/2" x 16"
Speaker: Bluetooth speaker included
WiFi: WiFi modem included
Warranty: 2 years