Cat's eye pathway markers

Solar Cat's Eyes

SolarEye LED cat’s eye lights create highly visible delineation along walking or cycling paths for general route marking and way-finding.  

With their low profile, in-set design, SolarEye cat’s eyes provide a steady or slow flashing, omni-directional light with 360° visibility.  The LED luminary effect adds high-visibility lighting to outdoor corridors, walkways, decks, marina docks, swimming pool edges and bike paths. And unlike smaller deck or dock lights, these solar-powered lights can provide continuous nighttime light for up to 14 days without sunlight. 

While fully sealed and constructed of high-impact, durable, engineering-grade polymer, SolarEye lights are not designed for general highway use. Instead, these pathway lights should only be used in areas meant for pedestrians, micromobility devices and light vehicular traffic.

High visibility with long working time

SolarEye will operate continuously for years with zero ongoing cost or maintenance, needing only sustainable green solar energy. Highly visible, reliable and effective.

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Guaranteed to work from dusk until dawn

Can work for up to 14 days without daylight. Batteries last for up to 8 years and can be disabled when not in use. Light sensitive auto on/off for economical operation. Full operational night time performance (200+ hours non-stop signal - without further exposure to daylight).

Bright LED light with optional flash rate

Long life single LED providing 360° visibility. Steady or slow flash (1 second on/1 second off). Standard white light or special colors to order: Yellow, Green, Blue & Red. High visibility - can be seen up to 1600’ away.

Strong, durable construction

SolarEye is built to withstand not just constant wear and tear from pedestrians and cyclists, but to withstand extremes of temperatures, drenching rain, ice and snow.

One-piece sealed construction

Constructed with high impact durable engineering grade polycarbonate. 100% waterproof.

Safe for cyclists & pedestrians

Easy for cyclists / vehicles to move over. Low profile— only ¼” nom. above pathway surface when installed. Textured upper surface provides skid resistance and increased light capture from acute angles.

Simple installation

Being a fully sealed unit, installation of SolarEye is both quick and easy. No electrical cables, no trenching or any consequential restoration work is required.
Simple installation
  • Asphalt pathways

    Use an 3 ¼” rotary hammer miller/cutter to dry cut the hole to a depth of 1 ¼” then fix the Solareye into place using a structural 2 component all weather adhesive.

  • Compacted stone pathways

    SolarEye can be installed in compacted stone or gravel pathways, but since they could be easily removed, this is not advisable on public pathways.

  • Underwater installation

    Indeed! SolarEye is completely sealed/waterproof and rated as IP68 – the highest IP rating available for dust and water immersion. Even submerges in several inches of water, the unit will still charge (although it may take longer than if left out in direct sunlight).

  • Vertical installation

    SolarEye can be installed vertically e.g. on fence panels, as long as the units receive some direct sunlight. The dimpled surface helps to capture more light.


Material: High impact durable engineering grade polymer
Sealing: Fully sealed integrated unit—100% waterproof
Light source: LED (100,000 hrs. life)
LED signal: Steady or slow flash
Flash rate: 1 sec. on, 1 sec. off
On/Off control: Automatic on/ off using light sensors
Work time after full charge: Flashing 400 hrs.+, Steady 200 hrs.+
Operational life expectancy: 8+ years
Standard colors: White steady, Bat Hat and red flash (Special colors to order)
Battery: LFP Type battery
Working temp.: -4°F to +158°F
IP rating: 68 (ingress protection)
Body dimensions: 3 1/8” dia.
Installed height: ¼” nom.
Milling depth: 1 ¼”
Weight: Approx. 10 oz
Fixing adhesive: Structural 2 component moisture tolerant epoxy
Packing: Supplied in a box of 20 pcs.: Weight 11lb. approx.
Compression test: Ceases functioning continuously at 575kN


  • Cycle tracks and pedestrian walkways.
  • Car parks / driveways
  • Golf courses / country clubs.
  • Decking & decorative patio lighting
  • Boat marinas & docks.
  • College campuses
  • Residential and assisted living communities
  • Caravan & camp sites
  • Recreational areas/community spaces
  • National parks

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