The SolarEye cats eye is a pathway light designed specifically for cycle paths & pedestrian areas, with a unique omni-directional LED, giving a 360° visibility. However many nocturnal animals are primarily active in the dark in order to avoid predators. Artificial illumination of the areas in which these mammals are active and foraging is likely to be disturbing to their nocturnal activities and their foraging areas can be severely disrupted. 

The detrimental effect of artificial lighting is most clearly seen in bats. In most bat species there is an evening period of activity followed by another at dawn.  These two flights correlate with the peak flight times of nocturnal insect prey. As well as causing disturbance to bats at the roost, artificial lighting can also affect their feeding behavior and their use of regular feeding routes. This effect is twofold: one is that short wave length light (UV and Blue light) is attractive to a range of insects particularly if it is a single light source in a dark area; the second is the presence of lighted conditions itself.

To provide a solution for areas with bat colonies and other conservation sensitivities, the SolarEye cats eye is also available in a version termed the ‘Bat Hat’. In this version, the standard unit has been modified slightly by adding an opaque lens which reduces the upwards light spillage by over 95%, making it a much friendlier option for nocturnal mammals. The result is that this powerful pathway delineator will not cause unwanted light fields – it will simply pave the way for the route you require. You will still be able to see the pathway marker, but it won’t bother the bats and insects as they fly overhead.

Perfect for conservation sensitive areas where the ‘Bat Hat’ design won’t cause interference with nocturnal creatures, in dark sky reserves as well, the ‘Bat Hat’ SolarEye makes an ideal pathway marker since won’t give off unwanted light fields to hinder star gazers.