It’s unfortunate that the impression many people have of solar bollard lights is based on the cheap plastic units available in any home center designed to be quickly stuck into the ground alongside pathways in residential properties. Although the advent of LED lights with low power requirements has resulted in some improvement in these products, in most cases these units either emit a very low level of light or begin to fade very rapidly after a couple of hours. The low cost components used also means that these units are generally not destined for a long life, with either ingress of water destroying the electronics or the plastic cracking or failing.

Fortunately, the situation with commercial grade solar bollards is totally different. High performance products such as the range from SBL Solar Bollards are designed to be used in the most remote locations, shining light all night long, year after year with almost no maintenance except for cleaning the domed surface from time to time and checking on the batteries. With installations in regions ranging from the scorching desert of the Australian outback, to ski resorts, marinas, lakes and Pacific islands, these solar outdoor lighting posts which can be supplied in a range of heights with caps for directing all light downward if required have proven their worth time and time again, acting not only as way finding pathway lights for remote areas where it’s not practical or cost effective to install bollards connected to the electricity grid, but also in urban situations where extra light to illuminate dark walkways is required for safety and security reasons. With an 

Every single design feature of the SBL Solar Bollards has been carefully considered and engineered to ensure maximum service life with minimal maintenance - from the domed Lexan top which is not only practically unbreakable, but restricts birds from perching, to the marine grade aluminum posts, to the LED lights which are specifically configured to the latitude that bollards will be used, and the degree of shading which may occur throughout the day. Consequently, these bollards are supplied with a 10 year limited warranty, an exceptionally long time, unheard of in this industry.

While these solar bollards might not be as ‘pretty’ as some other commercial models such as SolarPost, designed primarily for residential estates, colleges or parks and recreation areas,  or as low cost as simple in-ground cat's eye markers like SolarEye, it really comes down to a matter of ‘horses for courses.’ If uncompromising durability, reliability, low maintenance and long life are the most important considerations, then there’s really only one bollard that stands head and shoulders above all the competition – SBL Bollards. Being both IP68 certified and IK10 certified these bollards, can be submerged up to 10' in water and will withstand serious vandalism and impact by flying or floating debris.