'SolarCase' Solar Lit Signs

Practical, stylish and cost effective. SolarCase post-mounted solar lit sign casings provide dusk to dawn illumination of posters, transport schedules and other signage at bus stops, railway stations, cinemas, museums, business premises etc. with no obtrusive solar panels and no need for mains electricity connection.

During the day, the display cases are not normally illuminated. At night, the light remains at a low level until activated by the infrared sensor on approach of people, at which time the illumination intensity increases to the maximum level. 

SolarCase is exceptionally useful in locations where conventional street lighting and mains electric supply does not exist or would be prohibitively expensive to install.


SolarCase illuminated display cases are designed to resemble normal post mounted signs, avoiding the use of large, visually intrusive solar panels and bulky battery boxes attached to the fixture.

The sleek, square, powder coated aluminum posts at each side of the signs include all components necessary for stand-alone installation.

Vandal resistant, flush fitted solar cells

Photovoltaic cells are inset into the square posts, sitting flush with post profile and sealed behind UV stabilized tempered glass.

Custom colors to suit any application and environment

The SolarCase posts and frame can be supplied with a powder coating finish in any RAL color.

Dust proof, watertight enclosures

SolarCase enclosures are rated as IP66 according to international standard EN 60529 - 'dust tight' and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

High performance at zero cost

SolarCase PV solar cells are located on the sides of the posts, providing an exceptional power generating capacity without the need for visually intrusive, flat panel solar arrays.

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  • 12 x 4.3W solar panels per post – 51.6 W total output

    With an area of 465 sq. in., the unobtrusive solar cells generate sufficient power for illuminating the signage for up to 14 days without daylight.

  • Days of light output, not hours

    SolarCase will provide constant, high performance, white 180 lumens per watt night lighting from dusk until dawn.

  • Extended battery life

    Batteries can last up to 10 years and can be disabled when not in use.

Intelligent control & operation

The intelligent management system of SolarCase optimizes solar generating performance in real time according to local conditions.

A proximity sensor maximizes light output only when people approach the signs, then dims back to the lower level.
Maximizing power generation

The SolarCase control system uses an algorithm to maximize the power generated from each solar panel. The optimum power point of the panels is calculated in real time to capture energy efficiently and harvest the maximum power from each panel.

Battery management

Battery management technology mitigates full discharge by reducing the LED brightness until there is sufficient ambient light to charge.

Sensors trigger LED to brighten on approach

The SolarCase control system monitors ambient light levels. During the night, a high efficiency 180 lumens-per-watt white LED illuminates. The brightness of the LED is set at a reduced light level until activated by infrared sensors. On approach, the LED brightens for 10 seconds, gently dimming back to the lower level.

Fast, cost saving installation

With SolarCase, you don’t have to worry about proximity to mains power supply.

Set them in place anywhere, along remote pathways, in parks and recreation areas, around bus or train stations - anywhere you need an illuminated sign, transport schedule or information board.

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  • No trenching costs

    Trenching for electrical wires along a pathway can quickly become expensive. This cost can escalate rapidly if other challenges arise like rocky terrain.

  • Days of light output, not hours

    Any trenching means disruption of the site, access restriction and the cost of subsequent ground remediation, vegetation replacement and landscaping works. With Solarcase, only individual footings for side posts need to be installed.

  • Faster Installation

    With less work in site preparation, electrical connections and site remediation, SolarCase illuminated signs can be installed in just a fraction of the time compared with mains powered illuminated signage.


Case Specification
Case Specification
Case material: Aluminum
Finish: Powder coated in any RAL color
Hinged opening: Left, right or top with gas cylinders
Back panel: Magnetized interior
Locks: Vandal and frost proof locks
Front panel: Toughened glass covers
Ventilation: Permanent ventilation
Post & chassis: Extruded aluminum
Cap & lid: Die-cast aluminum
IP rating of post: 66 (ingress protection)
Solar panels
Solar panels
Power: 30.1W (7 x 4.3W panels)
Construction: PV cells sealed behind UV stabilized tempered glass.
Total area: 316 sq.in.
Color temp.: 3700K to 5000K
Max. current: 520mA
Max LED power: 1.43W - 180 lumens per watt
Angle of light beam: 71°
Type: Ni-MH
Capacity: 6V 10Ah
Lifetime: Up to 10 years at 68°F
Operating temp.: -40°F to +185°F
Proximity Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Type: Passive infrared sensor
Detection range: Up to 16’
Detection angle: 120°
Dimensions - Model A1
Overall size: 29" W x 42 1/2" H
Visual size: 24” W x 34” H
Depth: 5 ½”
Dimensions - Model AO
Overall size: 52” W x 42 1/2” H
Visual size: 47” W x 34” H
Depth: 5 ½”
Special sizes available on request