Solarpost 200 Solar Pathway Lighting

Solarpost 200 Solar Pathway Lighting

Solarpost 200 LED posts provide a significantly higher high lumen, night long light output than any similar sized bollard or post light. With the massive 310 solar cells skillfully incorporated in the sleek, triangular aluminum posts, the power generating capacity of Solarpost 200 vastly exceeds small pole top mounted panels and avoids the use of large intrusive, solar panels and battery boxes.  Consequently, the poles are capable of providing continuous nighttime illumination for many days without daylight.

On/off times and brightness levels can be set to suit specific requirements.

These low height poles offer an affordable means of supplying bright and reliable safety and security lighting around housing estates or private homes and along pathways and driveways, without the need for connections to mains electric supply.


    • Large capacity (310 solar cells generate up to 21 W total
    • Vandal resistant solar cells - sealed behind UV stabilized tempered glass
    • Dust proof, watertight enclosures - IP66 rated
    • Batteries can last up to 7 years
    • Can be set to operate continuously for either 6 or 12 hours at night
    • No trenching or remediation work needed, only individual footings need to be installed
    • No external power supply needed – install in parks, recreation areas and remote pathways 
    • Can be installed in a fraction of the time compared with mains powered lighting

    Solar Panels:

    Power: 21W (3 x 7W panels)
    Total Area: 310 sq. in.
    Construction: PV cells sealed behind UV stabilized tempered glass.

    Battery: Type: Ni-MH
    Capacity: 7.4V/ 5.2Ah
    Lifetime: 5-7 years at 68°F
    Operating Temp.:  -13°F to +150°F
    LED: Color temp.: 6500K
    Brightness: Custom set brightness levels
    Timer Setting: 6 or 12 hours
    Materials: Cap and Lid: Die-cast aluminum
    Post and Chassis:  Extruded aluminum

    Finish: Std. powder coated - RAL 7001 silver grey.
    IP rating: 66 (ingress protection)
    Warranty: 2 years
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Archasol is a trading division of Archatrak., a national supplier of porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles, deck support systems and site furniture, established in 2004. Archasol was formed specifically to promote solar powered products which demonstrate a commitment to the use of renewable, sustainable energy.


Our solar benches are not just a place to sit, but can foster interpersonal interaction, provide a focal point for community information, a convenient recharging station for mobile devices, a place to relax or meet with friends.

Our solar lighting products combine sophisticated technology with superior quality, excellent design and outstanding performance and reliability and our ePaper products present a low energy alternative to traditional signage.

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