Solarcase Solar Lit Signage

Solarcase Solar Lit Signage

Solarcase post-mounted illuminated display cases enable illuminated signage to be installed in locations where street lighting and mains electric supply does not exist or would be prohibitively expensive to install. At night, the light remains at a low level until activated by an infrared sensor, when the illumination increases to the maximum level for 10 sec.


With the large capacity solar cells skillfully incorporated in the sleek aluminum posts, Solarcase display cases are designed to look like normal post mounted signs.


Although they avoid the use of large intrusive, solar panels and battery boxes, the power generated from the PV cells is capable of illuminating the enclosed signage from dusk until dawn for up to 14 days, without sunlight.


    • Vandal resistant solar cells- sealed behind UV stabilized tempered glass.
    • Dust proof, watertight enclosures - IP66 rated
    • Can provide night lighting from dusk until dawn for up to 14 days without daylight
    • Large capacity (465 solar cells generating up to 51.6 W total output
    • Batteries can last up to 10 years and can be disabled when not in use
    • Intelligent power management system maximizes the power generated from each panel
    • Battery management system reduces LED brightness until sufficient light to charge
    • Light brightens for 10 seconds on approach, then dims back to lower level
    • No trenching or remediation work needed, only individual footings need to be installed
    • No external power supply needed – install in any location 
    • Can be installed in a fraction of the time compared with mains powered lighting

    Solar Panels: Power: 51.60 watts (12 x 4.3w panels)
    Total Area: 465 
    Construction: PV cells sealed behind UV stabilized tempered glass.
    Battery: Type: Ni-MH
    Capacity: 2 x 6.4v 10ah
    Lifetime: Up to 10 years at 68°F (Can be disabled when not in use)
    Operating Temp.: -40°F to +185°F
    LED: LED Light Type: Strip housed in aluminum extrusion
    LED Color Temp: 12v (4100k)
    Proximity Sensor: Type: Passive infrared sensor
    Detection Range: Up to 16’
    Detection Angle: 20°
    Post: Cap and Lid: Die-cast aluminum,
    Post and Chassis: Extruded aluminum
    Finish: Powder coating in any RAL color
    IP Rating: 66 (ingress protection)
    Case: Material: Aluminum
    Finish: Powder coated in any RAL color
    Hinges: Left or right or top hinged with gas cylinders
    Back Panel: Magnetized interior
    Locks: Vandal and frost proof locks
    Front Panel: Toughened glass covers
    Ventilation: Permanent ventilation
    Size Options:

    Model A1
    Overall size: 29” W x 42.5” H
    Visual size: 24” W x 34” H
    Depth: 5 ½”

    Model AO
    Overall size: 52” W x 42.5” H
    Visual size: 47” W x 34” H
    Depth: 5 ½”


    Special sizes available on request.

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Archasol is a trading division of Archatrak., a national supplier of porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles, deck support systems and site furniture, established in 2004. Archasol was formed specifically to promote solar powered products which demonstrate a commitment to the use of renewable, sustainable energy.


Our solar benches are not just a place to sit, but can foster interpersonal interaction, provide a focal point for community information, a convenient recharging station for mobile devices, a place to relax or meet with friends.

Our solar lighting products combine sophisticated technology with superior quality, excellent design and outstanding performance and reliability and our ePaper products present a low energy alternative to traditional signage.

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