ERU Solar Charging Pole

ERU Solar Charging Pole

A basic, lightweight charging pole equipped with five, rapid-charge USB ports which can be changed out or paired with 12-volt ports. Its light weight and portability makes it a particularly invaluable asset for temporary use by ERU (Emergency Response Unit) teams in areas hit with natural disasters and consequent loss of communication or power.  


But the utility of this charging unit extends far beyond its use in emergency situations. Building sites in remote regions, seasonal recreation locations like camping grounds, fishing access or rafting drop-off parking areas, ski resorts, trail heads and geological survey sites, can all benefit from the ability of this simple device to provide emergency phone charging when and where it is most needed.




    • Solar controller assists power generation even during cloudy, dark, or rainy days.
    • Battery management system ensures efficient energy storage and regulates power loads.
    • Power supplies are contained in weather resistant  enclosures and secured with theft-resistant safety screws.
    • Poles are shipped with pre-drilled holes for anchoring the units to a stable base where required.
    • Charging pole can be equipped with a 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot, allowing up to 10 users to stay connected to the Internet.
    • LED lights are also available for nighttime use.

    Solar Panel: 60 W
    Battery: 36 Ah gel cell deep cycle
    USB Charging Slots: 5 x dual slots - 10  outlets total
    Frame: powder coated carbon steel
    Color: orange - custom colors on request
    Care Kit: extra fuse, touch-up paint, security screw bit
    Table Size: 30” diam.
    Mounting: 4 x predrilled mounting holes in base
    Warranty: 1 year
    • 4G LTE WiFi hotspot can provide free internet access within close proximity
    • LED lights available for nighttime illumination
    • Stainless-steel option available for coastal or other harsh environments


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