IBench Solar Bench Seat

IBench Solar Bench Seat

A hi-tech alternative to regular street benches, the iBench solar bench not only features an eye catching, yet minimalist and timeless design, but incorporates USB and Qi phone charging outlets, ambient lighting, sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity. All benches are constructed of stainless steel for maximum outdoor durability.


Also included with the standard bench are a range of sensors that can gather and store data on temperature, humidity and particulate matter, visitor activity and WiFi usage.  All data including system health data such as solar power production, power usage, battery voltage, can be accessed from the web-based dashboard at any time, in any location.


iBench can normally function up to 5 days without direct sun exposure. In summer, the battery can charge within 1 day, in winter it can be considerably longer. In bad weather, the bench will automatically power off.


    • Constant monitoring of energy production, usage & battery status
    • Environmental sensors record temperature, humidity, rainfall.
    • Monitors usage - number of devices charged, Wi-Fi users, data usage (MB)
    • Access system data from any device – phone, tablet PC
    • 3 independent PV panels enable charging even when seating is occupied.
    • Air cooled seat surface with 4 fans- activates at 95°F
    • WiFi modem offers internet access within the seating zone (requires service subscription)
    • LED lights under bench switch on automatically when darkness falls
    • Optional ambient light colors - warm-white, blue, yellow, green (other colors on request)

    Size: 73” L  x 18 ¾” W x 21 ½”H (full size)
    Weight: 194 lb.
    Frame: Stainless steel, powder coated
    Weather-resistant and vandal-resistant
    Seat: Acrylic glass – Plexiglas, 10 mm thick
    Solar Panels: 120W
    Battery: AGM / Capacity: 40 Ah, 12V min.
    Outlets: 2 x USB , 2 x Qi pads
    Lighting: Ambient under bench LED lighting
    Warm white, blue, yellow or green
    Warranty: 2 years
    • Full 3/3 – 3 PV panels (73” L x 18 ¾” W x 21 ½”H)
    • Midi 2/3 – 2 PV panels (48” L x 18 ¾” W x 21 ½”H)
    • Mini 1/3 – 1 PV panel (26 ¾” L x 18 ¾” W x 21 ½”H)


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Archasol is a trading division of Archatrak., a national supplier of porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles, deck support systems and site furniture, established in 2004. Archasol was formed specifically to promote solar powered products which demonstrate a commitment to the use of renewable, sustainable energy.


Our solar benches are not just a place to sit, but can foster interpersonal interaction, provide a focal point for community information, a convenient recharging station for mobile devices, a place to relax or meet with friends.

Our solar lighting products combine sophisticated technology with superior quality, excellent design and outstanding performance and reliability and our ePaper products present a low energy alternative to traditional signage.

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